ProductBoost FAQ

What is ProductBoost?

ProductBoost combines merchant-provided data with Wish's back-end algorithm to increase exposure for relevant products. Merchants submit relevant products for week-long campaigns. Boosted products move higher up within the product rankings if they are relevant to Wish customers and also have a higher ProductBoost bid. High quality and engaging listings are eligible for even more impressions during the campaign period.


Why should I use Product Boost?

There are many benefits:

- Accelerated product exposure. Boosted items move higher up within the product rankings.

- Increase product impressions and sales. If your products are relevant to the customer, they'll get even more impressions.

- Highlight your top selling products faster. You know your products best -- tell us which ones are top-sellers.


Where will my products be shown?

Boosted products move higher up within the product rankings for the relevant keywords associated with them. They will only be shown in the countries your store ships to.


What type of products should I select for Product Boost?

For optimal success in ProductBoost, select high quality and engaging listings that are relevant to the Wish customer. We suggest starting with your top-selling products, along with those products that have specific search keywords that are relevant to someone buying those specific products. Also keep in mind the seasonality of the products you select. For example, swimsuits are relevant for campaigns during the spring/summer. Selected products must comply with all Wish policies. Wish reserves the right to remove campaign products that do not comply with Wish policies. Contact your account manager if you have any questions.  


How do I sign up for ProductBoost?

Trusted stores get first access to ProductBoost, and participating stores must agree to the WishMedia Terms of Service. By launching a ProductBoost campaign, you automatically agree to the WishMedia Terms of Service.

If your store is a Trusted store, click [here] to apply for ProductBoost. If you’re not a Trusted store, click [here] to learn more about how to become Trusted. Contact your account manager if you have any questions. Click [here] for a step by step guide on how to sign up. 


Can I set a budget for my campaign?

Yes, you can set a Budget when you create your campaign. Note that you will not be able to adjust the campaign details, including the Budget, after you submit your campaign. This Budget applies only to the Total Spend, which your store will be charged when the campaign ends. The Budget does not include Total Enrollment Fee, which is charged when you submit your campaign. See below for an explanation of the fees.


What is a Bid?

When you create a campaign, you will set a Bid price per product ID. The Bid is the price per 1000 Paid Impressions your store agrees to be charged during the campaign. The minimum Bid price is $0.10 USD (per 1000 Paid Impressions.  


What are the fees for ProductBoost?

For each ProductBoost campaign, your store will be charged two fees:

- Total Enrollment Fee: For each submitted product ID in the campaign, your store will be charged $1 USD to add the product to ProductBoost. This fee is charged when you submit the campaign, and will be deducted from your regular merchant payment cycle (twice per month).

- Total Spend: This is the total cost of Paid Impressions during the campaign period, and is calculated based on Bid price and ProductBoost impressions for campaign products. If you set a Budget for your campaign, this Total Spend will not exceed it. This fee is charged when the scheduled campaign ends, and will be deducted from your regular merchant payment cycle (twice per month).


How do I create a ProductBoost campaign?

For each campaign product ID, provide the associated keywords and Bid price. You will also have the option to set a Budget for the campaign. Click [here] for more details.


What keywords should I submit?

Keywords should be very relevant and accurate to the product ID.

For example, if your product is a yellow summer dress with a floral print, suggested relevant keywords are: summer dress, women’s dress, yellow dress, floral dress.

If your product is a portable bluetooth speaker, suggested relevant keywords are: portable speaker, bluetooth speaker, wireless speaker, speaker, portable audio.


Can I make changes to my products during the campaign?

Campaigns cannot be changed once they are submitted. When campaigns are submitted, the product IDs in the campaign will become Promoted and are subject to Promoted product policies. If you need to disable a product during the campaign, your store is subject to any applicable fines related to disabling Promoted products.


When do my campaign products get Boosted?

Campaigns start every Monday 00:00 Pacific Time and run for a week. Campaigns must be submitted by the Friday 23:59 Pacific Time prior to when the campaign is scheduled to run.


How do I track the product performance from the campaigns?

After the scheduled campaign ends, select "List Campaigns" from the ProductBoost tab. Then, click on the completed campaign ID to be redirected to the specific campaign page. There, you'll see product impressions, sales, and GMV during the campaign. To learn more please click [here].


What are Paid Impressions vs Organic Impressions vs Total Impressions ?

Paid Impressions are the impressions for the product from ProductBoost during the campaign period.

Organic Impressions are the impressions for the product aside from ProductBoost, including impressions the product receives normally.

Total Impressions is the sum of Paid Impressions and Organic Impressions.


How can I get support if I have other questions/issues? 

Contact us at for any questions/issues/feedback! 

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