How do I update International Shipping Prices via CSV?

You can update the International Shipping Prices of your products by CSV.

Creating a CSV File 
1. Create a spreadsheet for your shipping feed. Here is a template you can use to fill in with your products and shipping prices. Each column represents a country. 

2. For each product, enter the Parent Unique Id and the shipping prices for each country you want to ship to. Please note that is not necessary to include all countries. For example, if you are updating the shipping prices for U.S. and France only, then the CSV file can have three columns; Parent Unique Id, US, and FR. 

3. Once you are done creating your feed, now it's time to save it as a CSV file. If you are using Excel, you can click on File > Save As and then select 'Comma Separated Values (CSV)' as your format. If you are using Google Drive, you can do this by clicking on File > Download as > Comma Separated Values.   


Uploading the Feed and Mapping Attributes

4. Go to Products > Edit Shipping Prices for Existing Products > Product CSV File.


5. This will take you to .  Select your CSV file and click 'Upload'.


6. You will be able to map the columns from your CSV to the Wish attributes. Click 'Continue'.


7. Next, you will see a preview of the file you uploaded. Click 'Fix Mapping' to correct any errors that may appear. Otherwise, click 'Continue'. 


8. Click 'Submit' at the end of the page to upload the file. 


Confirmation and Status of Upload
9. You will receive an immediate confirmation when your feed is accepted. It may take up to 24 hours to finish 

10. To check on the status of the import, you may click on the blue button that says 'View Import Status Page.' You can also find this page by clicking on Products > Product CSV File Status and selecting 'View Report' for this particular job uploaded. 


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