ProductBoost Merchant FAQ: Bids, Budgets, Keywords, Products, Impressions

On Bids and Budgets

Q: What is a bid? What is a budget? What is the budget used for?

A: A bid is the amount a merchant agrees to pay for every 1,000 paid impressions. A budget is the maximum amount of money you are willing to spend for a given campaign. A budget caps the weekly advertising spend, and gives merchants a safety protection.

Q: What if my budget is constrained, what is the rule of thumb of setting my bids?

A: A high bid without a high budget, or a high budget without a high bid won't win you the competition. A rule of thumb is that your budget should allow you to allocate at least tens of thousands of impressions per product per week. And once this is satisfied, you want to push your bid as high as possible to win the competition.

Q: Why did my impressions decrease even when I bid higher?

A:There are mainly three reasons why this may happen:

a) Although you increased the bid, your budget might be too low. The rule of thumb is that your budget should allow you to allocate at least tens of thousands impressions per product per week.

b) Your product did not convert well. When this happens, Wish will protect you from unnecessary overspending by reducing the number impressions allocated to this product. This way, you do not have to pay for impressions that yield no/very little sales.

c) Competition from other merchants might be high. The system will always reward products with higher bids, higher budgets, better conversion rate, and more relevant keywords. If the competition is too high for certain keywords, think about other relevant but less competing keywords.  


On Choosing the Right Products

Q: What products are most suitable for ProductBoost?

A: In general, we encourage good quality products with a lot of sales potential. This includes:

a) products that see success on other platforms

b) trending, in-season products with a lot of demand

c) products that our platform does not have, products that are “fresh” to Wish users

d) products that you are specialized in and have a competitive edge (i.e., good domain knowledge, better price and quality)

Q: What happens if a product is sold out? Will I still be charged for impression fees?

A: We filter out out of stock (OOS) products, after your product is sold out, we will no longer show user this product, and hence you won't be charged for impression fee any more.   

Q: How many products should I submit for my campaign? Is it the more products, the better?

A: We suggest to submit products that you can be reasonably covered by your budget. If your store does not have as much of a budget constraint, you can submit more products with a large budget. For stores with smaller budgets, you will want to focus on products that you have an competitive edge. Do not submit 200 products if your budget is only $20. A rule of thumb is that your budget should allow you to allocate at least tens of thousands impressions per product per week.

Q: Can I change a product during the middle of a campaign? What if I made a mistake?

A: Unfortunately, no. Once a campaign is live, it will remain fixed for a week. If you made a mistake, the easiest way is to mark the product sold out. This way can minimize your loss.


On Choosing the Right Keywords 

Q: What will happen if I choose an irrelevant keyword?

A: Irrelevant keywords are strongly discouraged in this program. It is a waste of resources on both ends: it wastes Wish's impressions and the merchant's ad spend if a product is shown to our users under an irrelevant search query. As a result, we filter out irrelevant keywords for a given product, especially if a keyword is popular. So do not be surprised if you pick a popular irrelevant keyword with a high bid and budget, and a product does not show up. We also check for keyword quality. For merchants who repeatedly submit irrelevant keywords, we will issue warnings, and if they do not correct, they might be removed from the ProductBoost program.    

Q: Any tips on how to choose the right keywords (search terms)?

A: You should think about how our users will search on our platform and how other merchants will choose their keywords. Popular keywords such as "dress" and "fashion", will definitely have a high search volume, however they can also be very crowded. And if you do not have the best product for those keywords, it is unlikely they will do well. You want your keywords to be relevant and more specific, where conversion rate can be higher. Also, although we do spell check, auto-complete and auto-correction, there are still tons of typos a user might type on their mobile device; you can take advantage of that by bidding on common typos where competition might be low. Our platform is also an international marketplace, with many users around the world. So if you know translations of popular search keywords (that are relevant to your product), you might want to take advantage of that as well.

General FAQ

Q: Why are there no impressions for my product?

A: There is no impression guarantee, and Wish reserves the ultimate right regarding whether or not to show a product, how many impressions to give, and where and to which users those products are shown to. Choosing a good product with good price, setting a high bid and budget, and providing relevant keywords can increase the probability for a product to be shown, but there is no guarantee.

Q: Why did my sales not increase even though my campaign ran and I was charged for it?

A: There are no sales guarantee for ProductBoost. If you got no/little sales, this means Wish users did not find your products "attractive." You should focus on choosing better products, providing better prices, and picking more relevant keywords.

Q: Why did my impressions remain the same/drop after my campaign launched?

A: Wish has a complex optimization engine to decide how many impression to give for a given product. ProductBoost might not be able to revert an overall, natural downtrend of a product, and there is no impression guarantee.   

Q: What qualities of merchants does Wish look for in ProductBoost?

First of all, thank you for being a ProductBoost merchant. The goal of the program is to provide an equal playing field for all merchants, no matter where you are, what language you speak, when you join, and what size of your business. We want to reward those who know their products well, who put diligent efforts in working together with our platform to deliver the best value to our customers. We welcome competition. We want you to find where we did not do well and to prove us wrong. We want you to show us that you have great products (with relevant keywords), previously hard-to-get exposure on Wish, that can be more efficient (in terms of the usage of our impressions) than the products we are showing to our customers. If you can beat us, you make more money! Sharp, competitiveness and working hard, these are the key qualities of merchants Wish is looking for in ProductBoost.


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