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Sign up related:

How long do I have to wait after talking to my account manager to get access to FBW US-LAX?
After you talk with your account manager and provide the related documents, please kindly wait for 1 - 2 business days before you gain access to your FBW US-LAX system.

Do I have to provide tax related forms, W-9, W-8BEN or W-8BEN-E?

We ask this documents just to make sure we are doing everything right under the sun.

Which form should I choose to fill for the purpose of tax ID, W-9, W-8BEN, W-8BEN-E?

If you are a US person, please fill out W-9 form. If you are non-US person and selling on Wish as an individual merchant, please fill out W-8BEN. If you are non-US person and selling on Wish as a corporate merchant, please fill out W-BEN-E. Make sure your personal name and corporate name on those forms match your Wish store’s information. Then, you can sign and date it and give it to your account manager.

How do I fill out those forms (W-9, W-8BEN, W-8BEN-E)?

For that, we can’t explain too much, we are not tax experts. But you should talk to your tax advisor and fill out those forms to your best knowledge.


Cost / Fee / Refund related:

What’s the cost of using FBW?

You just need to log into your merchant account and click on FBW (beta) → Fees and Payment. You will find the fee details there. Shipping fee is charged by the warehouse after weighing the package accordingly.

Who will be responsible for the refund?

The merchant should be still responsible for non-logistic related refund. If it’s logistic related refund, after we check with the warehouse, we will have a more clear answer.

Do I need to be responsible for logistic related refund?

As for any non-logistic related refund, such as product quality and product functionality, naturally, the merchants are still responsible for it. If it’s logistic related refund, we will check with the warehouse and draw a conclusion afterwards.

How do I pay for the warehousing cost and order fulfillment and shipping cost?

You can view the detail charge by logging into your merchant dashboard and clicking on FBW (beta) → View Fees. The system will automatically deduct occured charge every billing cycle from your merchant balance. So, you don’t need to front this part of the cost. You can just focus on getting your inventory delivered DDP to the warehouse.


Special impression / policy support?

Will I get more impression if I use FBW US-LAX?

Since it’s automatically Wish Express eligible, the special policy applied to Wish Express will have a same impact to FBW US-LAX.


Operation related:

Where do I find a complete merchant operating guide?

Please contact your account managers and they will share the operating guide with you.

After I create the inbound shipping plan, do I have to ship right away?

Nope. You actually have 6 days to ship out the shipments to the warehouse. After you ship it, make sure you click “Ship to warehouse”

Do I get tracking numbers for all of my FBW US-LAX orders?

Yes. Rest assured that all of your orders are fulfilled with tracking enabled shipping methods. Your package will have visibility end to end. And the warehouse is required to ship packages meeting Wish Express shipping speed.

Do I have to ship my inventory to the warehouse on my own or you recommend any special carriers to do so?

At this moment, merchants need to find their own carrier and/or freight forwarder to ship inventory from China to US. Merchants also need to be responsible for clearing customs on their own.

If I’m having trouble shipping inventory from China to US, for example, my goods get held up in the customs, will you help me?

At this moment, we do not provide any service to clear customs for our merchants. Merchants are responsible for clearing customs on their own. So, please work with your freight forwarder to clear your customs. If you are shipping via DHL, UPS or FedEx, please work with your representatives in those companies to get through customs.

Do I have to ship goods DDP to the warehouse?

Yes. Make sure you ship your inventory DDP to the warehouse. The warehouse is not going to be responsible for paying duty for you or notify you about unpaid duties. The warehouse can also refuse to accept inbound shipments if duty is unpaid.

What about the inbound inventory discrepancy?

If you believe there is discrepancy for the inbound inventory, you can reach out to us and we will work with the warehouse to get this cleared up. Please be advised that the warehouse will receive the inbound inventory as it arrives.

Is there certain limitation as how big and how many units of inbound inventory I can ship to your warehouse at one time?

At this moment, please use your own discretion and avoid shipping big, bulky items to the warehouse. It doesn’t hurt to ship more units to the warehouse if you are confident that the inventory is going to move quickly. Keep in mind, the free storage period of the warehouse is only 90 days, you will be responsible for the storage cost afterwards.


System Operation Related:

How long do I wait before I see my inventory shift from pending to active?

Within 2 business days after the warehouse receives the delivery of your inbound shipment, you should be able to see the pending inventory shift to active. Also keep in mind, there might be a chance your inventory is shipped separately in different boxes arriving on different days, in which case, you will see your pending inventory shifting incrementally.

Do you have FBW API that I can pass over to my ERP software company to integrate?

Not yet. At this moment, if you need to operate FBW, you will have to log into merchant dashboard and make the modification. We might have more comprehensive FBW API ready in the future.


General FAQs:

How does it work?

Merchants simply ship their inventory to the warehouse and the warehouse will take care of order fulfillment (pick, pack, and ship). To learn more, watch this helpful video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbnoSFuKoHs.

How do I get FBW enabled for my account?

You may need to contact your Account Manager to enable FBW for you. Your Account Manager will verify your documents and enable your FBW account. This process may take up to 1 - 2 business days.

How to verify whether FBW is enabled for my account?

To verify whether your account is enabled FBW, you need to login to your account and look for a new menu item ‘FBW’ in the menu bar.

Where can I review my FBW Shipping plans?

You can navigate to FBW Menu and click on ‘Action Required’ option to review the shipping plans created.Under ‘Actions’ column you can review the shipping details (or) duplicate an existing shipping plan.

Where can I review the Cancelled, Expired or Completed FBW Shipping Plans?

You can navigate to FBW Menu and click on ‘History’ option to review the shipping plans which were cancelled, expired or completed.Under ‘Actions’ column you can review the shipping details (or) duplicate an existing shipping plan.

Where can I review the FBW Inventory details?

You can navigate to FBW Menu and click on ‘FBW Inventory’ option to review the products and the Inventory status of the packages.

Where can I find more details on FBW Fees and Payments?

You can navigate to FBW Menu and click on ‘Fees and Payment’ option. Here you will be able to review all the details related to Fees, Payments, Refunds and Links to warehouse fees.

Where can I review the FBW Fees of my orders or Invoices?

You can navigate to FBW Menu and click on ‘View Fees’ option. Here you can review all the orders and the Invoices related to each Order.On clicking the Invoices, you will be able to review the FBW Invoice summary and options to download invoices.

Where can I find the FBW Terms and Conditions?

You can navigate to FBW Menu and click on ‘Terms of Service’ option. Here you can review the FBW Terms and Conditions.



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