How to use Keyword Tool?


The ProductBoost Keyword tool helps merchants to use the best keywords for their campaigns.

Keywords are categorized based on how many times that particular keyword will be searched by customers or how many merchants are using the same keyword etc.

About the tool:

By default, a list of keywords will be displayed on the results page. Merchants can search for any keyword in the search field and the following fields will be retrieved for the search request:

  • Estimated Potential Reach
  • Estimated Competition
  • Estimated High Bid Range

You may use short or long keywords.

Estimated Potential Reach: Estimate of how many times this keyword will be searched for. Estimate is divided into Very High/High/Medium/Low statuses.

Estimated Competition: Estimate of how many other merchants are bidding with this keyword. Estimate is divided into Very High/High/Medium/Low statuses.

Estimate High Bid Range: Bids in this range or higher are more likely to be the winning bid and would thus receive more impressions.


Steps to using Keyword Tool:

  • Login to using your credentials
  • Click on ‘Product Boost’ from Main Menu
  • Select Keyword Tool from the dropdown options. You will be brought to the 'Keywords Statistic' page





  • For example, if you enter ‘shoes’ in the search text, you will see the estimated potential reach, competition and estimated top bid.


  • You may also search multiple keywords (separate each keyword using a comma)



If I am a French merchant selling to US and different countries in EU, should I enter my keywords in French or in English? What about keywords in other EU languages, e.g. German, Italian, Spanish and so on?

Wish will provide automated translations of any keywords you have entered to match products with relevant search queries, but these may not be as accurate as the keywords merchants provide directly within the ProductBoost campaigns.

You may provide keywords in multiple languages for your ProductBoost campaigns. If you are a French merchant selling to US, you should provide English keywords. If you plan to sell to different countries in EU, you should include translated keywords as much as possible for better performance of your campaigns. 



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