Chinese New Year Merchant Operations Guide

Wish provides various features and solutions to help merchants prepare for the holiday season.

  1. Vacation Mode
  2. Schedule Disable Products
  3. Prepare extra inventory and secure reliable shipping logistics


When to use Vacation Mode

If you will not be able to properly fulfill orders during the holiday, please put your store in Vacation mode 48 hours before your holiday. Learn how to turn on Vacation Mode for your account here: Vacation Mode. There is no guarantee of sales performance before or after a store is placed in vacation mode.


Schedule Disable Products

Merchants may schedule products to be disabled even if promoted. This tool is especially useful for merchants who have some inventory available during the New Year and want to remain open. To read more, please click here.

Merchants can also temporarily disable products with no/few transactions in the past. To learn how to disable products in your store, please visit: How do I delete or disable my products?


Prepare Extra Inventory and Secure Reliable Shipping Logistics

Top Wish merchants prepare for the holidays by storing extra inventory for their top selling products and ensuring reliable shipping logistics to avoid disruption of business. Please click here to learn more.


To learn about the vacation arrangement of WishPost & Offline Logistics Providers, please click the link:

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