Wish Express Only Mode FAQ

1. How do I enable Wish Express Only mode?

You can learn how to enable Wish Express Only mode here


2. I turned on Wish Express Only mode 5 minutes ago, but my non-Wish Express product is still showing as purchasable on Wish. Why?

Wish Express Only mode may take up to one hour to take effect. After that, all non-Wish Express products will be shown as sold out.


3. I fulfilled all my orders and turned on Wish Express Only mode 1 hour ago, but then just got another order to fulfill. How?

The order was made before your store entered Wish Express Only mode. Wish may hold orders for up to 8 hours before showing it to merchants for review purposes. You are responsible to fulfill these orders.


4. Do I need to turn off Wish Express Only mode to fulfill orders.

No, you may keep Wish Express Only mode on and fulfill orders as normal.


5. Will enabling Wish Express Only mode affect my standings?

Don’t worry! Merchants do not lose standings or impressions when they enable or disable Wish Express Only mode.


6. I have a promoted product. Will I be fined for going into Wish Express Only mode?

No, you will not be fined.

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