How do I enable Wish Express Only mode?

Wish Express Only mode is helpful for merchants who are not able to fulfill their non-Wish Express products, but can still fulfill their Wish Express products.

Enabling Wish Express Only mode will set all non-Wish Express products as ineligible for sale on Wish. Wish Express products will remain for sale.

Please note that this mode is only available to merchants with Wish Express products.


How to Enable Wish Express Only mode

1. Navigate to Account > Settings > Vacation Mode

2. Upon clicking ‘Turn ON Wish Express Only Mode’, merchant will see a success message appear.



3. A banner will show in all pages of Merchant Dashboard notifying merchants that they are in Wish Express Only Mode.


4. To turn off Wish Express Only mode, navigate to the same page: Settings > Vacation Mode and click ‘Turn OFF Wish Express Only Mode’.



Stores A, B, and C have the products listed below for sale on Wish.

  1. Store A has two Wish Express products WE1, WE2 and two non-WishExpress products X, Y.
  2. Store B has three Wish Express products WE3, WE4, WE5 and zero non-WishExpress products.
  3. Store C is not Wish Express and has one non-WishExpress product Z.

After turning on Wish Express Only mode:

  1. Store A: Products WE1, WE2 are for sale on Wish. Products X and Y are NOT for sale on Wish.
  2. Store B: Products WE3, WE4, WE5 are for sale on Wish.
  3. Store C is not Wish Express and has one non-WishExpress product Z.
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