Schedule Product Disable

Merchants can prepare for the holidays by scheduling their promoted products to be disabled at a certain time in the future if needed.

Merchants must schedule a product disable with 3 days advance notice.

Please note that this feature is only available for promoted products.

How to schedule product disable:

1. Log in to merchant dashboard and click on Products > View All Products from the top menu. This will take you to

2. Search for your promoted product. You may search by Product Name, Product SKU, Product Id (Wish Id), and Parent SKU.

3. Click on the Actions tab at the end of the row and select ‘Schedule Product Disable’.

4. Select the date you wish your promoted product to be disabled.

5. Click ‘Schedule Product Disable’.

6. You’re done! Your promoted product will be disabled on the specified ‘Disable date’.



Store A has promoted product Id 123 for sale on Wish on 2017-01-17.

Store A schedules product disable for product Id 123 for 2017-01-21.

Product Id 123 is for sale on Wish on 2017-01-18.

Product Id 123 is for sale on Wish on 2017-01-19.

Product Id 123 is for sale on Wish on 2017-01-20.

Product Id 123 is NOT for sale on Wish on 2017-01-21.

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