Updated Trusted Store Benefits and Requirements

You can view your store’s new Trusted Store performance by going to http://merchant.wish.com/trusted-store.


The Trusted Store program allows merchants to have several key benefits to selling on Wish. Merchants that are Trusted Stores are eligible for:

  1. The Verified by Wish Program (Read More)
  2. Boosted impressions (Read More)
  3. Products appearing in search results faster
  4. Handling own customer service tickets


To become a Trusted Store, merchants must have the following:

  1. Valid Tracking Rate ≥ 95%. Merchants can view their valid tracking rate here.
  2. Late Confirmed Fulfillment Rate ≤ 10%. Merchants can view their late confirmed fulfillment rate here.
  3. Average 30-Day Rating ≥ 4.00. Merchants can view their average 30-day store rating here.
  4. Average 63-93 Day Refund Rate ≤ 10%. Merchants can view their 63-93 day refund rate here
  5. Counterfeit Rate ≤ 0.5%. Merchants can view their counterfeit rate performance here



1. How often are these metrics updated?

Valid Tracking Rate, Late Confirmed Fulfillment Rate, Average 30 Day Rating, and Average 63-93 Day Refund Rate are all updated on a daily basis. 

Counterfeit Rate is updated only when the merchant is reviewed. 

2. What data is used to calculate each metric?

The most recent week of data that is available will be used to calculate each metric. For Valid Tracking Rate and Late Confirmed Fulfillment Rate, data from 14 - 21 days ago will be used. For Average 30 Day Rating and Average 63-93 Day Refund Rate, the previous week's data will be used. All data is measured for a one week period beginning from that week's Monday.

3. When did these changes take effect?

These changes will took effect on February 20, 2017.






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