How to Add a Wish Express Warehouse

With the new Wish Express Warehouse Tool, merchants can manage product inventory and shipping for each of their Wish Express warehouses.

Some of the benefits include -

  • Set different prices for ‘Standard’ shipping and ‘Express’ shipping for your Wish Express products
  • Manage separate warehouses for different country destinations.

Steps to add a Wish Express warehouse:

  1. Navigate to the Products menu and click on View All Products.
  2. ‘Standard’ warehouse tab will be displayed and a plus symbol will be displayed next to it.

  3. Click the ‘+’ button to create a new Wish Express Warehouse!
  4. The ‘Add Wish Express Warehouse’ modal window will appear. Here, you can add details for your new Wish Express Warehouse and select the warehouse destination countries.
    Please note that you cannot edit the warehouse destination countries once the warehouse is created.

  5. Once you have added details for your new warehouse, please click ‘Add’.
    After the warehouse has been added, the shipping values will be displayed as blank and the inventory values will be displayed as 0.

    After adding a product:

  6. On adding any new product, shipping and inventory values for the ‘Standard’ warehouse will reflect the values you entered.
    The products will appear in the Wish Express warehouses with blank Express shipping and zero inventory.
  7. Products with both Standard inventory and Wish Express inventory will display both Express shipping and Standard shipping on Wish. 

    Please note that it is essential to set the Standard shipping price or the Express shipping price at a product level or product variation level.






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