Shopify - Wish Sales Channel FAQ


1. What is this channel?

The Wish sales channel will allow any Shopify ecommerce seller to seamlessly add their products to the Wish marketplace.

2. Why should I install it?

The Wish marketplace has 200 Million shoppers globally and is growing at >250,000 new shoppers per day. In addition to being named the top shopping app of 2014 and 2015 by Google, Wish has over 5 Million daily active customers and should be an easy opportunity for supplemental sales in addition to your Shopify store.

3. How much will it cost me? Are there any monthly or transaction fees?

Wish works on a 15% revenue share on gross sales. There are no monthly, promotional, or transaction fees.

4. How do I know if this channel is a good match for my business?

Wish is unique in that it shows a personalized feed of products to each individual shopper. Upload your products and let us find the match!

5. I want my store set up with this sales channel. What steps are necessary now, and what can I do later?

You must sign up and complete the ‘Open your store’ checklist in order to start selling on Wish.

6. How do I sign up?  

Click here to read the Wish sales channel install guide.

7. How do I log in?

You must have a merchant account with Wish in order to log in. If you do not have one please follow the steps here to create an account.



8. How do I get my products on this sales channel?

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Products
  2. Click on a product to edit
  3. In the Visibility section, check Wish to make the product visible to the Wish sales channel

9. How long will it take for my products to show up on this channel?

Once your products are added, it should only be a couple of days before they are shown to Wish customers.

10. How do I know that my products are reaching an audience?

We provide sellers with comprehensive performance reports that quantify your products exposure and success on the marketplace.

11. When customers buy my products from this sales channel, how will that money reach me?

Wish sellers are paid on a bi-monthly cycle. Once an order is confirmed delivered, that order is eligible for the next pay date.

12. If the transaction is fulfilled through the sales channel, how and when will I get paid?

Once an order is confirmed delivered, that order is eligible for the next pay date.

13. How do I remove products from this sales channel?

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Products
  2. Click on the product you want to remove
  3. In the Visibility section, uncheck Wish to remove your product from the Wish sales channel



14. What shipping methods does this sales channel support?

This sales channel supports weight or price based shipping methods.

15. What shipping methods are not supported by this channel?

Shipping methods that are calculated at checkout are not supported by the Wish sales channel. Similarly, apps that calculate shipping prices at checkout, such as 'Vendor Shipping Rule', are also not supported.

If you have products with these types of shipping methods, then the product will be disabled and an error will surface to your Shopify store with this message: 'This product has no valid shipping options, please add a weight or price based shipping method and try again'.

You would have to edit your shipping on the product listing on Shopify or navigate to Wish directly to edit the shipping prices.



16. Can I see metrics of how this channel is performing?

You can see how the Wish sales channel is performing by clicking here

17. How do I drive more traffic to my products on this sales channel?

Faster shipping products will receive supplemental exposure, Wish has a few promotional programs such as Wish Express for sellers that can deliver orders within 5 business days.

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