Evaluating and Optimizing ProductBoost Campaigns

How do I track the product performance from the campaigns?

Go to the ProductBoost tab in your merchant dashboard and click on  "List Campaigns.”  

Then, click on the completed campaign ID to be redirected to the campaign page. There, you will see product impressions, sales, and GMV during the campaign.  The most important metrics for you are: how much GMV, how many sales, and how many impressions you received in exchange for your ProductBoost campaigns.  You should also consider the metrics after your campaign has conclude; ProductBoost often leads to increases in GMV, sales, and impressions even after the campaign has ended.  


What are Paid Impressions vs Organic Impressions vs Total Impressions?

Paid Impressions are the impressions your products received as a result of the ProductBoost campaign.  Organic Impressions are the impressions for the product aside from ProductBoost, including impressions the product receives normally.  Total Impressions is the sum of Paid Impressions and Organic Impressions.


I set up my campaigns but I received no impressions.  What happened?

Your campaign may not be spending its budget due to a number of reasons:

  1. Your budget is too small.  Take a look at the suggested bids for the keywords you selected and make sure you are bidding at least close to those bids.  
  2. Make sure your budget is a multiple of your bid.  Ideally, your budget is at least 10x the amount of your bid.
  3. Make sure you boost your best performing products.  Products that do not generate sales are unlikely to benefit greatly from ProductBoost.  
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