How To Recharge Your ProductBoost Balance

ProductBoost campaigns can be paid with existing balances with Wish. If you do not have a positive balance, you can recharge your ProductBoost balance to pay for future ProductBoost campaigns.

How do I recharge my ProductBoost balance?

  1. Navigate to ProductBoost > ProductBoost Balance

  2. Click on ‘Buy ProductBoost Credit’.

  3. Enter the amount you would like to top up (USD) and click ‘Next’. If you wish to cancel this transaction, please click ‘Cancel’.

  4. Select your payment provider by clicking on the logo and click on ‘Continue’. 

    5. Guide to recharging your balance



Does my ProductBoost balance expire?

No, your balance will not expire and can be used to pay for any future campaigns.

Are there any additional/hidden costs attached to these transactions?

There are no hidden costs charged by Wish for these transactions.

Will the amount I top up to my ProductBoost balance be reflected in Account > Account Balance screen?

No. All top-ups to your ProductBoost balance are displayed at ProductBoost > ProductBoost Balance.

If I change the Payment provider in Account > Payment Settings from Payoneer to another provider, will I be prompted again to re-register Payoneer in order to top up my ProductBoost balance?

No, the payment setting for buying ProductBoost balance is independent of your store’s payment settings for payouts.  You may use a different payment provider for store payouts and still use your Payoneer account to buy ProductBoost balance.

Can I cancel a transaction after it is successful?

No, all charges are final and cannot be reversed.

Whom should I contact if I face any transaction issues?

To contact Customer Support for any issues, please follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Account > Charge History.

  2. Click on the ‘Contact Support’ link for the particular transaction. Email, phone, and WeChat details will be displayed in the modal window.

Why would I want to top up my ProductBoost balance?

Topping up of your ProductBoost balance is recommended for merchants with low or no balance revenue in their account or brand new merchants.

Fees for ProductBoost campaigns are deducted from your store’s account balance. Thus if you do not have a positive balance, you will need to top up your ProductBoost balance to begin running campaigns immediately rather than waiting for revenue from sales.

Can I use my ProductBoost balance to pay for ProductBoost campaigns that have already run?

No, you can only use your ProductBoost balance to pay for future ProductBoost campaigns.

If I have an account balance with both Wish and a ProductBoost balance, which will be charged first?

Your ProductBoost balance will be applied to your campaigns first.

Can I use my ProductBoost balance towards anything else besides ProductBoost?

No, at this time, you may only use your ProductBoost balance towards future ProductBoost campaigns.

How long does it take for my balance to be updated once I top it up?

Your ProductBoost Balance will be updated as soon as your transaction is successfully processed.

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