This article pertains to all the terms and definitions related to ProductBoost.



Ad Delivery Cost

Amount merchant pays for delivery of ProductBoost ads

Ad Spend(Or Ad Revenue)

Total amount merchant pays for advertising

Blended CPM

(Enrollment fee + delivery cost) per 1K impressions


The maximum amount you are willing to pay for the promotion, cannot exceed budget cap

Budget Cap

The maximum amount allowed to spend for the promotion, this is Max Spending - Total Enrollment Fee


Maximum amount merchant is willing to pay per 1K impressions on a given product

Deduction from existing account balance

Any ProductBoost spend will be deducted from existing Wish account balances

(Delivery) CPM

Delivery cost per 1K impressions

Enrollment Fee

Amount Wish charges merchants for including each product/campaign pair in Product Boost

Estimated Top Bid

Bids that are this or higher are more likely to be the winning bid to receive impressions

Free Wish Credit

Free credit given by Wish to encourage merchants to try PB. Does not need to be repaid.


Gross merchandising value, which indicates a total sales dollar value for products sold during the campaign period

Max Spending

The maximum amount you are allowed to spend for this entire campaign, including enrollment fee and impression fee

My Bid

How much you will pay per 1000 paid impressions during the promotion period

Pending Campaign Amount

Amount incurred on past PB campaigns that has not been deducted from your balance. Wish cannot calculate the exact amount until the campaign is over

ProductBoost Balance

Any additional funds merchants topped up to be used for future PB campaigns via Payoneer or UMPay (or other payment provider)

For merchants who do not have a positive balance, or want to spend more, you can top up or recharge your balance via 3rd parties such as Payoneer or UMPay (or other 3rd party). If they have both a positive ProductBoost balance and a Wish total account balance (from sales), the ProductBoost balance will be used up first

Promotion Loan

$XX 'loan' given by Wish to let merchants with no positive balance begin running campaigns. PB fees are deducted from your account when they accrue a positive balance. Also known as 'float'


The total cost of paid impressions on your products during the campaign period, total spend will not exceed budget

Suggested Bid

A suggested bid price based on the keywords you selected, you need to bid more than this price in order to win the bid

Total Balance on Wish

Merchant's current Account Balance that will be paid out on the next payment cycle. The balance is made up from revenue from products that were sold and delivered minus deduction and refunds.

Total Enrollment Fee

Enrollment fees per product will be charged when the campaign is finalized

Total Spend

The total cost of impressions on your ad during the campaign period. Total Spend will not exceed Budget




Active Campaign

Container that includes a set of products and keywords.

Budgets are set at this level

Average Rating

Average of ratings received for the week

Average Rating 30 Day

Average of ratings received from the previous 30 days

Cancelled Campaign

Campaign has been cancelled

Delivering Campaign

Campaigns that have >0 impressions


Make a copy of the campaign as a new campaign for you to edit and submit

End Date(PST)

The ending time in Pacific Standard Time

End date passed

Campaign has ended. Campaign feedback data will be collected soon and fee will be charged to the account

End Time

End Time must be between the start time and the default end time

Estimated Competition

Estimate of how many other merchants are bidding this keyword

Estimated Potential Reach

Estimate of how many times this keyword will be searched


Number of times your product was viewed


List of keywords associated with the product promoted


Campaign has been created and it can still be edited


The number of times your products were bought during the campaign period

Orders 30 Day

Number of orders received in the previous 30 days

Order 93 Day

Number of orders received in the previous 63-93 days

Organic Impressions

Impressions for the product aside from ProductBoost, including impressions the product receives normally

Paid Impressions

The number of times your product was viewed through your ProductBoost campaign during your campaign period

Product Boost Campaign

Weekly product promotions that boost the impressions of your products in searches on Wish

Product ID

Product ID of the product you wish to promote

Potential Reach

Potential audience size estimation based on the keywords you selected and the bid price you set

Refunds 93 Day

The number of eligible refunds occured out of the orders that were made in the 30 days, before the end of the time period

Refund Ratio 30 Day

Percentage of orders refunded of the orders made in the previous 30 days, that occured before the end of the period

Refund Ratio 93 Day

Percentage of orders refunded of the orders made in the previous 63-93 days, that occured before the previous period

Run for Multiple Weeks

If checked, the campaign will keep running until it is cancelled


Campaign has started, your products are being promoted now


Number of times your product was bought

Start Date(PST)

The starting time in Pacific Standard Time

Total Impressions

The sum of Paid Impressions and Organic Impressions

Total Product Impressions

The total number of times your products were viewed this week, through the ProductBoost campaign and organically.

Undelivered Campaign

Campaigns that have product listing fees but 0 impressions


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