ProductBoost Campaign Status


When running ProductBoost campaigns, you may notice a few different types of Campaign Status modes in the 'List all Campaigns' view under the ProductBoost tab.




Some of the most common Campaign Status are explained below:

Campaign Status What it means
New Campaign has been created and it can still be edited.
Running Campaign is active and your products are being promoted now.
Cancelled Campaign was stopped before completion at your request. No daily performance data has been collected. Any campaign fees spent will be charged to your account.
End date passed Campaign has completed. Campaign daily performance data will be collected and campaign fees will be charged to your account.

Campaign has been submitted and will start as per scheduled time period.

Scheduled to stop

Campaign was stopped before completion and campaign will stop by the end of the next working day. Your campaign status will show as 'Scheduled to stop' until it is fully stopped and will be updated as 'Cancelled' thereafter.


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