How do I create a ProductBoost campaign for my products?

ProductBoost combines merchant-provided data with Wish's back-end algorithm to increase exposure for relevant products. Merchants submit relevant products for week-long campaigns.

For each campaign product ID, you will provide the associated keywords and Bid price. You will also set a Budget for the campaign.


Steps to Create a Campaign

1. From the ProductBoost Menu, select "Create Campaign."



2. In the “Campaign Settings” section:

- Campaign Name: This is your store's way to identify the campaign. Note that all campaigns have a unique Campaign ID, which is located in the campaign URL.

- Budget ($): This is the maximum amount of Spend you agree to pay for during this campaign. 



3. In the “Scheduling” section:

- Start Time & End Time: These auto-populated fields indicate when the campaign will be scheduled to run. Campaigns start every Monday 00:00 Pacific Time, and run for a week. Campaigns must be submitted by the Friday 23:59 Pacific Time prior to when the campaign is scheduled to run.


4. In the “Products to Promote” section:

- Product ID: This is the product you would like to submit to ProductBoost. Enter one product ID per row. To add more products, click "Add Another Product." You may submit a maximum of 200 product IDs per Campaign.

Your store will be charged an Enrollment Fee of $1 USD per campaign product when you submit the campaign.

- Bid($): This is how much your store agrees to be charged per 1,000 impressions for this product ID during the campaign. Minimum bid price is $0.10 USD per 1,000 impressions.

- Keywords: These are relevant keywords associated with your product. This list needs to be comma separated. For example: "fashion, summer dress, striped dress." You must provide at least 5 relevant keywords per product, and may provide up to 30 relevant keywords per product.



5. Click "Save Campaign" to save your progress in completing the campaign form. Saved campaigns will automatically be submitted at the Friday 23:59 Pacific submission deadline. If you do not want to run the Saved campaign anymore, click "Cancel" in the campaign page before the Friday 23:59 Pacific deadline. 

Campaigns start every Monday 00:00 Pacific Time, and run for a week. 


6. Congratulations! You just created your first campaign. You will be able to view your running campaigns by navigating to ProductBoost > List Campaigns.



To learn how to view performance metrics for your campaign, please click here.


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