Increase your sales by adding sizing information

Add size and color information and increase sales!

Increasing sales is easy on Wish! The best way to increase sales is to ensure your products have the proper size and color information. Products that have correct sizing and color information sell more on the Wish platform.

Why? Customers trust products that have complete information about size and color options. They are much more likely to buy a product when they can select the size and color they prefer prior to purchasing.

Also, our system will ignore products that are missing this information. That's right! If your product ignores sizing or color information, we will limit its exposure and it will get fewer sales.

Updating your products' sizing and color information will get you sales!
One of our merchants uploaded a ton of great products but none of the products had the size or color variations uploaded! At the end of September, they added their variations to their products. Look at how their daily purchases increased in just a week:

Now, this merchant is in our top 10 best-performing merchants in a number of transactions. Why? Because they made it easier for our users to buy their products!

I'm convinced, but how do I add sizing and color info?
There are two things you can do:

1. Ensure you always add products with sizing info (when its needed). Please click the link below to learn more on how to do this.
Learn how to include variations when uploading new products

2. Add sizing and or color information to your existing products on Wish. The link below will instruct you on how to do this.
Learn how to update your existing products

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