What Are Good Tags For My Products?

A good tag is one that is accurate and relevant. Include tags that are more broad ("Women's Fashion", "Electronics & Gadgets", "Phone Accessories", "Kitchen") as well as tags that are granular ("Dress", "Red", "iPhone"). 

There is a maximum of 10 tags allowed per product, if you add more than 10 we ignore the extra tags.


  • Acceptable: Shirt, Men's Fashion, Navy, Blue, Casual, Apparel
  • Acceptable: Women's Fashion, Jewelry & Watches
  • Acceptable: Men's Fashion, Suits, Mafia, Silk Tie, Ties
  • Unacceptable: Clearance Items
  • Unacceptable: Cheap Cheap Cheap
  • Unacceptable (Too many tags): Fashion, Suits, Ties, Silk Ties, Men's Suits, Italian Made Suits, Italian, Men's Fashion, Hand Crafted, Silk, High Quality
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