Vacation Mode

To promptly disable all your products for sale on Wish, use "Vacation Mode" at Account > Settings > Vacation Mode. While your account is in vacation mode your items will not be purchasable by Wish users.

How it works

When vacation mode is activated:

  • All new orders from your store are prevented 
  • Within 1 hour all product listings appear as "sold out" to Wish users
  • You are responsible to fulfill orders made before activation

When vacation mode is deactivated:

  • Users may purchase your products again
  • Within 1 hour your products that were previously enabled will reflect the correct inventory
  • Merchant does not lose standings or impressions

Example timeline:

Assume there exists store 1 with products X and Y and no orders.

- 6:00am store 1 has active or pending orders
- 7:00am user buys product X from store 1 (order A)
- 7:59am user buys product Y from store 1 (order B)
- 8:00am store 1 goes into vacation mode & no further orders can be made
- 3:00pm order A becomes available to fulfill for store 1
- 4:00pm order B becomes available to fulfill for store 1
- 4:00pm No new orders will appear for the store to fulfill
- 4:30pm order A&B are fulfilled by the merchant


Question 1: I turned on vacation mode 5 minutes ago, but my product is still showing as purchasable. Why?

Answer 1: Vacation mode may take up to 1 hour to take effect. After that all your products will be shown as sold out.


Question 2: I fulfilled all my orders and turned on vacation mode 1 hour ago, but then I just got another order to fulfill. How?

Answer 2: The order was made before your store entered vacation mode. Wish may hold orders for up to 8 hours before showing it to merchants for review purpose. You are responsible to fulfill these orders.


Question 3: Do I need to turn off vacation mode to fulfill the orders?

Answer 3: No, you do not need to. Keep vacation mode on and fulfill the orders as normal.


Question 4: I have a promoted product. Will I be fined for going into vacation mode?

Answer 4: No, you will not be fined.


Question 5: I have a promoted product. Will my product lose the promotion status if I go into vacation mode?

Answer 5: No. Product will temporarily be off the promotion list for the period merchant is in vacation mode. After merchant is back from vacation, it will regain the promotion status.

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