How Do I View My Payment History?

View Payment History

You can reference the past payments you have received from Wish on the Merchant Dashboard. To view your payment history go to Account > Payment History from the top nav bar, and this will take you to:

Your payments are organized with the most recent payment received on top. The amount you received is indicated under ‘Gross Amount Paid’. You may reference these payments by looking up the Payment ID in your payment provider.  This page will also show you when to expect your next payment from Wish.


What does ‘Generating’ mean?

A payment status will show ‘Generating’ throughout the process of collecting transactions from the previous payment period and summing up the amount to display for ‘Withheld Funds Released’ and ‘Gross Amount Paid’.

My payment has been generating for a few hours, is it broken?

Don’t worry! You will be paid, this process can take up to 24 hours in some cases.

My payment says ‘Generating’, will I be paid?

Yes, you will be paid once the payment ‘Status’ displays ‘Success’.

My payment reads ‘Pending’, what does that mean?

This means Wish has contacted the payment provider to disburse the funds.  

What does a ‘Success’ status mean?

The payment has finished generating and the payment provider has informed Wish the payment has been disbursed.

What does a ‘Failed’ status mean?

In the rare event this happens, Wish will contact the payment provider to solve the issue and disburse the funds.


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