How do I improve my Refund Rate?

A store’s Refund Rate is calculated by the number of items refunded divided by the number of items purchased. It is extremely important to maintain a low Refund Rate for your store. Stores with an extremely high Refund Rate are at a risk of suspension.

How do I check my store’s Refund Rate?

You can view your store’s Refund Rate by navigating to Performance > Customer Service Performance page. (link)


What quantifies a good Refund Rate?

Stores should aim to maintain a Refund Rate below 5%. The lower the Refund Rate, the better your store is performing and the more likely your products will gain exposure.


What events negatively affect my store’s Refund Rate?

A store’s Refund Rate is affected by all refunds that occur for the store. This includes items refunded due to:

  • Item was fulfilled late or out of stock at time of purchase
  • Customer requests refund
  • Item is not correct (wrong size, wrong color, wrong item sent)
  • Item is damaged
  • Item did not arrive or arrived late

How can I check if my product has a high Refund Rate?

Identifying products with high Refund Rates and improving them are great ways to reduce your store’s overall Refund Rate. Click here to view your product’s Refund Rate.


How can I reduce refunds and improve my store’s overall Refund Rate?

Merchants should constantly be looking to lower their Refund Rate. To lower your store’s Refund Rate, merchants can use the following guidelines: 

  1. Fulfill orders promptly. Wish has a strict 5-day fulfillment policy on all orders to be shipped. Orders not fulfilled within 5 days will be refunded.
  2. Make sure products are delivered in a timely manner.
  3. Make sure the correct items are shipped with each order, i.e. item shipped is of the correct SKU, color, size and quantity.
  4. Maintain accurate inventory. When items are out of stock, please mark items as so in order to avoid customers purchasing an item that cannot be shipped.
  5. Remove products from your store that appear to attract fraudulent transactions to reduce fraudulent refunds.

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