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    Craig Nowak

    How can you remove photos? Manually upon adding new photos, which I did, when I tried to delete the pics the new ones were to replace, it appeared to delete them since it went from "remove" to "cancel" on the button and the each particular pic section grayed out. Hit save but all the removed pics are still there. Still there when you view product and still there like nothing was done when you go back into Edit Product. Ive attempted to remove them multiple times over course of many days, thinking they could be cached, Ive waited days ans checked and have logged in to view from multiple new computers, browsers, phones. Tried deleting from them too with no luck. I downloaded the Wish for Merchants ap thinking Id try from there but over the course of 3 days Ive tried to login to Merchant ap and it simply will not. Everything is being done correctly. I can log in by phone thru Google Chrome to Merchant section, not the app. So combine this with the multiple other unresolved issues, Im growing quite frustrated. Since each of these issues have yet to be resolved or answered appropriately or relevantly. Running out of hair to yank out and head soar from beating it into wall.

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