How do I track my product's refund performance?

Keeping track of your products’ refund performance is important for providing quality products and customer service to your customers. Follow the instructions below to check the refund performance for your products.


  1. Go to the products page and search for your product


  2. To view Extremely High Refund Ratio Products, make sure "Rejected Review Status" is checked. "Extremely High Refund Ratio Products" are not available for sale and will be shown with an exclamation icon and High Refund Ratio as Reject Reason.


  3. Products that you are currently responsible for 100% of the cost of refund due to high refund ratio have an infraction associated. You may click on the "View in the High Refund Infraction" column to see the infraction.


  4. Click on "Action" and select "View Product Listing Performance."


  5. View the product’s refund ratio.
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