How do I determine if a product listing infringes on intellectual property?

To help you safely and legally sell products on Wish, we have provided you instructions on how you can identify product listings that infringe on intellectual property. Uploading legally compliant product listings is the responsibility of merchants. Merchants should take measures to ensure their listings are legally compliant.

#1. Check for an easily recognizable brand logo, brand name, or brand tag on the image.

In this example the item has a the recognizable 'MK' logo from Michael Kors.


#2. If the brand is not easily recognizable, check for blurred or hidden logos, tags or labels.

In this example, the item is not easily recognizable at first glance. However, further inspection shows that the tags and labels show the shoe brand, Toms.


#3. If you can see a brand name, brand logo, or tag but do not recognize it, research the brand name.

In this example the item's name was not recognized, so it was researched further.

The results show that Stila is a popular makeup brand.

Research brand names:


#4. If the images do not show brand name, logos or tags then review the title and description of the product.

In this example the title has the abbreviation "VS." Searching for the term "Women VS Beachwear" shows that the item and image are from the brand Victoria's Secret.



#5 If there are no logos, brand names, or tags in the images or the listing's text, perform a "reverse image search."

Results from "Google Image Search"

The results show the item are leggings from the brand Black Milk.

Image search:


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