Schedule Inventory Updates For Promoted Products

If you need to schedule an inventory decrease to your promoted products, you can now do it on your product page on merchant dashboard.

Products Page

Login to the merchant dashboard and click on Products > View All Products from the top menu. This will take you to If you have a lot of products on Wish, you can search for your product. Search by SKU/Unique Id, product ID (the Wish ID), or product name.

After we've found the product we're going to edit, we can click on the Actions tab at the end of the row. This will give us a drop down menu. Select Schedule Inventory Update:

Now we are going to schedule some inventory updates for the product. Note that there are 2 cases:

  1. If you do not want to modify the inventory at all, leave the input box empty so that this variation will not be affected at all.
  2. If you wish to set the inventory to a certain amount on the next update date, enter the amount in the input box, and press "Save".

In this example above, the inventory levels will be changed in this way:

  • DD10840 will have 1 inventory before 2016-06-02.
  • DD10840A will have 11 inventory before 2016-06-02.
  • DD10840C's inventory will not be affected. Its inventory will be (8839 - number of sales)
  • DD10840E will have 11 inventory before 2016-06-02.
  • DD10840B will have 0 inventory before 2016-06-02.
  • DD10840D's inventory will not be affected.



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