Sign Up Flow Guidance

Welcome to Wish merchant! We appreciate you joining us and let us help you to grow your business. Here is a step by step guide to show you how to complete the signup process.

Step 1: Go to Click “Try for free”.

Step 2: You are now on “Create your free store today” page

  • Please choose the language that you feel most comfortable with. You can do this by switching the Chinese and US flags on the right corner. If you already have an account with us, please click login here
  • Please enter your Store name. Please ensure to not use store names containing “Wish”. 
  • Please enter your business email address to register. This will be used to login to your account. 
  • Please create a password for this account. In order to protect your account security, please make sure the password has letters, numbers, special symbols and need to be at least 7 characters in length. 
  • Enter Captcha as shown.
  • After providing information, please click “Create Store”.

Here is an example:

Step 3: You are on “Add your contact information” page

  • Please enter your legal first name and last name.
  • Please enter your mailing address. Second line of the address is optional.
  • Please enter your mailing address country, state, city and zip code.  
  • Please enter your phone number. If you have a US phone number, please enter country code “1” with your complete phone number including area code. If you have a Chinese phone number, please enter country code “86” with your complete phone number including area code. Click “Next” to continue. 

Step 4: You are on Tell us about your store page

  • Please choose what store platform are you primarily using and provide us with the URL.
  • Please tell us how much revenue(in US dollars) did your store make last year?
  • Please choose the country and enter the state of your inventory/warehouse location.
  • Please choose what categories suit the best of the products you are going to sell on Wish.
  • Please read “Wish’s terms of service” and “Policies” before you click “Next”.



Step 5: We will show you how to confirm your email address. It’s at the third option on the check list.


  • Check your confirmation email in your inbox. You should receive an email look like this 


  • Click “Confirm Your Email” and it will direct you back to the merchant dashboard and it should have “Confirm your email” checked.
  • If you do not receive one, please check if your email address is correct and click “Resend”. Please also check your spam in the email. If it still doesn’t work, please try a different email address or contact our customer service team. 

Step 6: We will show you how to confirm your phone number. It’s at the fourth option on the check list. Please click “Go” and it will take you to this page:

  • Select an option by which you would like to verify your phone number.
  • If you select "Verify by SMS code", then click on “Click here” and you will receive a text message from us on your phone shortly. Enter that code in the empty bar below and then click Submit. You should receive a success message telling you that your phone number is confirmed. If you do not receive a message, please first check if the phone number is correct or try another number.

  • If you select "Verify by phone", click on "Call me now" and you will receive an automated phone call from Wish where you will be asked to enter the verification pin as shown below. 

  • If you successfully enter the PIN, your phone number will be confirmed. If you do not receive a phone call, please first check if the phone number is correct or try another number.
  • You can go back by clicking “Home” page or “Click here to finish opening your store”. Your phone number box should be checked. 

Step 7: We will show you how to add your payment information so that you can start receiving payments from Wish. Click “Go” and you will be at this page:

  • If you have account, please enter your information and click “update payment information”. Here is the example.


  • If you have Payoneer, please click “Sign up”. If you have an account with them, please log in. If you do not have an account and wish to open one account with them, please sign up with them. After you successfully log in or sign up, you should be able to see this result.


  • If you have an account with Payeco, please choose payeco. Here is an example. When you enter a branch name, please input keywords and you can select from the list. For more information on how to find your branch name, please refer to this article. Alternatively, you can find your branch name in the full list of branch names here.

Step 8: We will show you how to add product listings to your store. Click “Go” and you will be at this page.

  • Please enter your product name. For example, “Women’s casual silk dress white”
  • Please add description for your products.For example, “This dress shirt is 100% cotton and fits true to size.“
  • Please provide tags that are relevant to your products on this page. There is a maximum of 10 tags allowed per product, if you add more than 10 we ignore the extra tags. For example, “Women’s apparel”, “fashion”, and “handmade dresses”
  • Please input unique ID for this product. Provide the unique SKU number you use internally to identify this item. For example, “JF12345DRESS”

  • Please upload main image for this product. Please also read counterfeit products and brand university pages we provide.
  • If you have additional pictures, please provide them in additional images section. You can upload up to 10 additional pictures.
  • Please enter the price for this product here. This will be displayed on, without additional text.
  • Please enter the product quantity here. Please use inventory buffering for Wish specified inventory.
  • Please provide estimated ground shipping per product. This is how much the customer will pay on shipping for each sale of the product.
  • Please choose a shipping time that suits the best for your product delivery. You can choose from the options we provide. Another option is you can provide the minimum and maximum estimate shipping time.

  • Please choose color variations of your products. If your product colors are not any of those we provide, you can enter the color in “other” section and add the color on the list. 


  • Please choose a sizing chart and sizes that apply to your products.
  • Please provide unique IDs, price, and quantity for each product variation.


Here is an example for the optional information:

  • Click “Submit” to complete adding this product.


Step 9: Next, please review the terms of service. Click “Go” You will be at this page:

  • Please read through terms of service and policies and click “Agree” at the bottom.
  • Please read through the 7 statements and check the boxes and click “Agree to selected terms”

Step10: Help us identify your store

  • If you are registering as an individual, please enter your information in the following.
    • Please enter your QQ number.
    • Please upload your photo ID copy. The file needs to be smaller than 2MB.
    • Please enter the name appears on the photo ID.
    • Please enter the ID number appears on the photo ID.
    • Click “Save” to submit your information.



  • I am a company
    • Please enter your QQ number.
    • Please enter your GMV last year.
    • Please upload your company business license.
    • Please enter your company name.
    • Please enter your business license ID.
    • Please upload your company tax certificate.
    • Please upload photo ID of your company legal representative.
    • Please enter legal representative name.
    • Please enter legal representative photo ID number.
    • Click “Save” to submit your information.



Last step: Click “Open my store” and you are all set! 

If your application is rejected after review, please follow the merchant platform requests to update your store so you can start selling on Wish!  

Thanks again for signing up with Wish Merchant. We look forward to helping you grow your business in the future.








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