How do I view my products’ performance metrics?

Keeping track of your products’ performance is important for providing quality products and customer service to your customers. Please follow the instructions below to check the performance metrics for your products.

1. Go to the “View All Products” page and search for your product.

2. Click on “View Product Performance.”

3. Click on the tabs to view your product performance metrics.

The tabs available are:

  • “Performance Overview”: An overall view of how your product is performing, with information on sales, impressions, refund ratios, ratings, and GMV.
  • “Product Listing Status”: Information regarding the current review status of your product and if the product is available for sale.
  • “GMV & Orders”: Information regarding your sales performance, measured by GMV and number of orders.
  • “Impressions”: The number of times your products have been viewed over varying periods of time.
  • “Refunds”: Refund rate performance for the previous 30-days, previous 63-93 days, and the refund reason breakdown for the product.
  • “Product Ratings”: The daily and weekly customer rating of your product (sum of ratings / number of ratings)
  • “Product Feedback”: Customer reviews on your product.
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