How do I view my shipping performance metrics?

Keeping track of your shipping performance is important to provide quality service to customers. Please follow the instructions below to check your shipping performance. 

1. Go to the “Shipping Performance” option under “Performance” and select the page you wish to view from the sub-menu.


2. Clicking on “Weekly Fulfillment & Shipping Performance” shows various weekly shipping performance metrics, such as fulfillment time, time to door, and confirmed delivery ratio.

3. Clicking on “Your Destination Shipping Performance” shows your shipping performance to different destination countries. You can also view performance per origin country or carrier by changing those corresponding options.

4. Clicking on “Your Carrier Shipping Performance” shows your shipping performance with different carriers. You can change the origin and destination country options to view country specific carrier performance.

5. Clicking on “Your Carrier Shipping Trends” shows your shipping carrier performance over time. You can view:

  • Time to Door (Days)
  • Average Rating
  • Refund Rate
  • Confirmed Shipping Rate
  • Valid Tracking Rate
  • Number of Orders

6. Clicking on “Global Carrier Shipping Performance” shows the carrier shipping performance for all merchants on Wish. You can view specific carrier performance for an origin and destination by changing the corresponding options.

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