Enabling/Disabling Products per Country

You can set enable or disable countries per product.

  • Manually Enabling/Disabling Countries per Product
  • Enabling/Disabling Countries per Product using CSV Upload

Manually Enable/Disable Countries per Product

  1. Click on the Products Tab in the top bar, then in the dropdown, click View All Products.

  2. For the product you want to enable/disable country for, click on actions.

  3. In the drop-down menu, click on Edit International Shipping Prices.

  4. Uncheck any countries you wish to disable for the product or check any countries you wish to enable for the product.

  5. Click Save when finished.

 Enable/Disable Countries per Product using CSV Upload

  1. Click on the Products tab -> Edit Shipping Prices for Existing Products -> Product CSV File

  2. Prepare your CSV file: Your CSV file should have one column for SKU name and the other columns as shipping countries for the product. (Example file: click here)

  3. If you wish to disable a product for a country, input 'disabled' for the corresponding row and country, otherwise put the shipping price of the product. If you wish to enable a country for a product set a shipping price.

  4. Upload the CSV in the "Upload Your CSV File" section and press Upload.

  5. Map your column names to Wish attributes by selecting which columns in your CSV file correspond to Wish's columns.

  6. Click Submit to process your CSV


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