How do I view my late confirmed fulfillment rate and pre-fulfillment cancellation rate?

Keeping track of your shipping and fulfillment metrics is important to the success of your store. To view the weekly shipping metrics, first navigate to Weekly Fulfillment & Shipping Performance:


You can then view your “Late Confirmed Fulfillment Rate” and “Pre-fulfillment Cancellation Rate” on this page.



“Late Confirmed Fulfillment Rate” is calculated as the number of orders shipped late divided by the number of orders with valid tracking for that week.

An order is considered to be shipped late if the time from when the order was placed to when the first carrier scan was recorded is greater than five days. 

“Pre-fulfillment Cancellation Rate” is calculated as the number of orders the merchant failed to fulfill divided by the number of orders marked shipped for the week.

If a merchant is out of inventory for the product or is unable to ship the product for any reason after the order has been placed by the customer, then that order will be counted as a pre-fulfillment cancellation. 

Orders that are canceled by the customer are not counted as a pre-fulfillment cancellation.

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