How does being a Trusted Store increase my impressions?

Trusted stores on Wish are eligible for several benefits. One of the benefits is a boost in impressions. Trusted stores’ unreviewed products are immediately available for sale and reviewed products are eligible to be given an increase in impressions.

Here’s an example of how it works:

Store A is a Trusted Store, while Store B is not a Trusted Store.

On January 1st, Store A uploads a new product. The product is immediately available for purchase without counterfeit review. The product is also eligible to receive a boost in impressions.

On January 1st, Store B uploads a new product. The product will not receive any impressions or sales until the product goes through counterfeit review.

On January 3rd, Store A’s product receives a sale. The product continues to receive a boosted number of impressions.

On January 3rd, Store B’s product is still not available for sale.

On January 10th, Store B’s product is approved by counterfeit review and is available for sale. However, Store B is still not trusted and the product does not receive additional impressions.

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