Wish Express Returns Program

Wish Express Returns Program

Merchants with Wish Express products are eligible to set up warehouses for returns of those products. If a customer requests a refund, the customer will be asked to return the product to the return warehouse the merchant specified.

What products are eligible for this program?

Wish Express products are eligible for this program. In addition, merchant must have a return warehouse for the country that they wish to receive returns for. Only products shipped to the same country as the return warehouse will be returned to the warehouse when a refund is requested. Currently, only Wish Express products shipped to the United States will be eligible for return.

Please note that the following conditions apply:

  • Wish will issue prepaid labels to customers but merchants are responsible for the cost of labels.
  • Merchant is responsible for the cost of refunds regardless of the refund reason.
  • Merchant may not dispute the refund responsibility afterward.
  • The cost of return labels will be deducted from the merchant's account balance. The return label cost is $6.25 per order for returns to the United States.

How Do I Enable Returns for Wish Express Products?

To learn how to enable returns for Wish Express products in bulk, please click here

You can enable returns for wish express products through the Merchant Dashboard Products page.

Log in to your merchant account at https://merchant.wish.com/login. From the top menu, click Products > View All Products. This will take you to https://merchant.wish.com/product.

  1. For the product you want to enable returns for, click on Actions.
  2. In the dropdown menu, click on Edit Wish Express Return Setting.
  3. Please review the terms of service and click Agree at the bottom.
  4. Click on Enable Returns For This Product to begin configuring returns.
  5. Select the country to add a new return warehouse for this product.
  6. Select an existing warehouse in that country, or if none exists, click Add New Warehouse. 
  7. If adding a new warehouse, fill in all information and click Add.
  8. After selecting an existing warehouse or adding a new warehouse, click Update Setting.
  9. You have successfully added a return warehouse for your product! You will automatically be redirected to the page below and can verify details there.



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