How do I report Customer Fraud?

You can report customer fraud if there have been multiple refunds (for more than 2 orders) for the same customer.

Please follow the steps below to report customer refund abuse:

Step 1: Please navigate to Orders > History page

Step 2: Find the refunded order that you’d like to file for customer refund abuse, and click on the link “not eligible for payment” under Payment Status column.


Step 3: Review refund details, and click on “Report Fraud” to open a dispute against customer refund abuse.


Step 4: Review the conditions under the Confirm modal and check all the boxes.

Step 5: Provide the requested information to successfully open a dispute.

Please ensure that the information is accurate. You will not be able to open a dispute case until all examples for prior customer refunds are genuine. Please attach screenshots of any proofs you may have to help with the case.

Step 6: Please review all information and click Submit.

You will then be able to review and track your dispute.


What happens after I file for customer refund abuse?

Once you have successfully opened a dispute for customer fraud, you can track the status of your dispute through the Dispute ID. The Merchant Compliance team will investigate your case thoroughly and provide an update if your dispute was approved or rejected. 

1. If your dispute is approved

  • The refund amount would be credited back to your account.
  • You will be also be able to review the status under Account Balance.


2. If you dispute is rejected

  • You will be 100% responsible for the refund and the amount will not be credited to your account.
  • You will also be able to review the status under Account Balance.
  • You can re-open the dispute if you feel you have supporting documents to prove customer fraud.


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