How do I edit or add sizes and colors to existing products?

You can add sizes and colors to products you have already uploaded. This can be done Manually or through a Feed File.


To add sizes and/or colors for a single product listing using the Manual tool, go to the navigation bar and click Products > Update Existing Products > Manual. This will take you to the View All Products page. Navigate to the far right of the product you would like to add variations to, and select Actions > Add New Size/Color.

To Add a Size and Color Variation:

  • Enter a Unique ID that is different from the Parent Unique ID
  • Enter quantity
  • Enter size
  • Ener color
  • Click Add

  • Make sure to create a different Unique ID (or, SKU) for each variation.
  • Click Add to save your changes and close the window.
  • You can continue using Actions > Add New Size/Color until the listing is updated completely with all applicable color and/or size variations.

NOTE: If you've already added sizes or colors by creating multiple separate listings for one product (for example one listing for "Blue Sweater - Small", another for "Blue Sweater - Medium", and so on), you can merge them by going to Products > View All Products > Actions > Move Variation. Just choose one listing's product ID to be the main listing and move all variations over to that listing.


Feed File
To add sizes and/or colors using a Feed File, you will need to include the parent SKU (unique ID of the original product) and the variations' SKUs (unique IDs for each variation you add to the existing product). You will want to include sizes and/or accepted colors and quantity for each item. Here's how we set up our size/color feed:

In this feed, each row is a new size and/or color to be attached to a product. Each row is required to have the "Parent SKU" which is the SKU of the product to which you're attaching the variation. It must also have the variation SKU for the item that you are adding. Next you can list the size and/or color for that item. You may also want to add the quantity you have in stock for each variation of that product. Wish will automatically copy all other attributes from the parent product (such as tags, images, descriptions) unless you've added extra attributes in your feed.

Upload Your Size/Color Feed

From top nav bar, click on Products > Add Sizes/Colors To Existing Products > Product CSV File. Scroll down until you see:

Select your CSV file and click submit. This will send you through the typical feed upload process, which includes mapping your attributes and confirming your upload job.

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