Pingpong CNY Transfer FAQ

  • About Pingpong

PingPong is a  global payment company, founded in China and serving  for Chinese companies running cross-border business. So far, PingPong has been available for payments on Amazon and Wish. PingPong is the world's second payment service provider that provides cross-border payment service for multi-platforms.

PingPong meets the requirements of Chinese and overseas agencies’ supervision and administration, and leads the cross-border payment industry upon the highest safety and compliant standards. PingPong has developed rapidly since its establishment. Now PingPong has obtained financing from Eight Roads, WOF Invest owned by Tsinghua Holdings Corporation Limited, Hangzhou Hi-tech Venture Capital Co., LTD. and other well-known international investment institutions and government funds.

We believe that PingPong will help you to win world-class competitiveness based on our profound understanding in customer, capital, supervision and platforms, and our determination of rooting in China and helping with China’s development.


  • Advantages of PingPong

PingPong is the world's second multi-platform cross-border payment service provider, aiming at providing tailored cross-border payment service to Chinese cross-border e-commerce sellers.

  • Unified management for multi-platforms, one-click withdrawal, directly to domestic bank account.
  • Maximum 1% charge for cross-border proceeds, no foreign exchange loss or any other potential charges.
  • A withdrawal can processed within 1 workday, high efficiency in capital collection, 10% to 80% improvement in turnover of capital.
  • Local customer service team always ready to respond, enthusiastically resolving issues, more free services, assisting business to flourish.
  • Complying with the requirements of Sino-US supervision and regulation, funds safe and sound.
  • Transparent data and exchange rate, financial reconciliation clear at a glance
  • For your convenience, page in Chinese, easy registration, simple operation.
  • 3 options for registration: individual in Mainland China, company in Mainland China, and company in Hong Kong.


  • How to transfer Wish payments to PingPong?

Log in to the Wish Merchant platform and select "PingPong" under the "Payment Setting" and click "Register";If you already have a PingPong account, please click the following link "already registered PingPong, log in now" to proceed.

When the online registration or binding is complete, the payment will be credited  to your PingPong account within 5-7 business days after the Wish's payment day.


  • The steps of withdrawing Ping Pong's funds to a designated bank and when the funds will arrive?

Log in to your PingPong account, select Revenue Account Management, add a bank card. After it is approved, you can do the "withdraw" operation.

Funds will arrive in your earnings account within 1 business day after the withdrawal application.


  • Attention of PingPong Withdrawing?

There are two options to withdraw the balances, USD & RMB. Hong Kong enterprise PingPong account can withdraw USD directly to its Hong Kong corporate account or personal account of HK company director; Mainland enterprise PingPong account can withdraw RMB directly to its corporate account or corporation legal personal account; Chinese resident personal account can withdraw RMB directly to his personal bank account. Monetary limitation for withdrawing USD but not for RMB.


  • Contact PingPong Customer Service 

Public free consulting hotline:400-996-9666

Wish payment service special line:0571-28093089/26201126

QQ for registeration consultation: 916016666/906016666

QQ for after-sales service: 986016666/956016666

Online Service:


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