How Do I Dispute A Tracking Issue?

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In the rare case that there is a delay or inaccurate information regarding tracking checkpoints, the merchant dashboard may not reflect the most recent confirmed fulfillment and confirmed delivered tracking checkpoints.

With the new Tracking Dispute feature, you will now be able to dispute any discrepancies you find regarding tracking data for your orders.

Create a Tracking Dispute

There are multiple ways to create a tracking dispute.

  1. Orders > History > Payment Status column
    On the Orders History page, please click on on the link under ‘Payment Status’ column for your order. On the Payment modal, click on the link “Having problem with tracking? Open a Tracking Dispute.”

  2. Orders > History > Shipment Details
    On the Orders History page, please click on “view” or on the tracking number link under ‘Shipment Details’ column for your order. On the Tracking Details page, click on the link “Open a Tracking Dispute”.

  3. Orders > History > Actions
    On the Orders History page, click on Actions > Open a Tracking Dispute.


Fill out Tracking Dispute form

It is highly recommended to fill out all the necessary information on this form to help us better investigate the issue.

If you would also like to report a missing or incorrect confirmed fulfillment date or confirmed delivered date, please check the relevant checkbox and provide the correct date accordingly.

On completing the form, please click Submit.

This helps our team to review and verify all the information and resolve any discrepancies on the merchant dashboard effectively and thus help in fixing and improving your confirmed fulfillment and confirmed delivered date metrics.

Please note the following:

  • A merchant can have up to 1 tracking dispute for a given order at a time.
  • If a merchant has an open dispute for a given order, they will be redirected to the active dispute. Thus, a new tracking dispute will not be created in this case.
  • If a merchant has an expired (approved/rejected) dispute for an order, an attempt to create a new tracking dispute will reopen the previously created dispute where new information can be updated.


Can I submit more than 1 tracking dispute for an order to provide more information?

No, only one tracking dispute can be created per order. In case more information needs to be provided or the dispute needs to be updated, you can easily comment/ reply to the existing tracking dispute. Our Merchant Support team will be able to review the comment and take appropriate actions.

Will I be notified regarding the status of my tracking dispute?

Yes, updates on the tracking dispute will be provided along the way any time an action is taken. All updates regarding the dispute will also be available on the merchant dashboard under Account > Disputes > Tracking Disputes.

There will be notifications under the relevant section of Tracking Disputes tab where you can track the progress of your dispute.

How long does it take for tracking information to be updated after the tracking dispute is resolved?

When the tracking dispute is resolved, any discrepancies regarding the tracking information and confirmed fulfillment date/ confirmed delivered date will be updated immediately and will be reflected on the merchant dashboard.

Can I reopen a tracking dispute?

Yes! If you do not agree with the decision on the tracking dispute or would like to provide more information on the case, you may reopen the tracking dispute for further review.

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