How do I open a support ticket?

Here we will explain how you can open a ticket for a specific transaction. Opening a ticket will allow you to contact the user about their order. The ticket system enables merchants to proactively inform users about delays, shipping and tracking information, sold out products, and other details related to the order.

Locating the Order

First, you'll want to locate the order that you will contact the user about. *If this is a new order, it will be under Action Required. From the top bar, select Orders > Action Required. This will take you to

Next, you can type in the Transaction ID or the Order ID to find the order you need to contact the customer about. 

Contacting the User

Once you find the order in question, click on the Actions button at the end of the row. Select Contact User:Selection_239.png

This will popup a modal from which you can contact the user. Select one of the default issues or select Other and fill out the appropriate fields:


 Click on the blue Contact button to submit your message. This will open a ticket with the user, and they will be notified of your message. You will receive a confirmation popup once you click the Contact button:


 This ticket you opened will appear under the Awaiting User tickets. To view these tickets, click on Tickets > Awaiting User from the top nav bar. This will take you to

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